Ahmed Adel

Ahmed Adel

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First Name * Ahmed
Last Name * Adel
Username * AHMED-ADEL
Country * Egypt
City Cairo
Nationality Egyptian
Languages ArabicEnglish



Availability: Freelance
Website www.a7med3adl.webs.com


Hi,my name's Ahmed Adel,I was born in 1993 Began career Graphic on 3/25/2010 and before that I don't know anything about graphics software only Photoshop but I shortly after found that it is a limited program I can't to do anything I want and found that it was not what I want as I love movies, cartoons and cinematic Tricks so that I decided to look for a program that can make all of that and after a long search found the what called 3D and found that an unlimited world and I can do anything I want with it so I decided to start learning it I searched on the Internet for the 3D programs until I had reached the Maya and 3Ds max are more programs fame in this area and I compare them and found that Maya most beautiful and impressed the business made by then I loaded Maya program and decided to start in learning